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Regardless of age, North Scott Soccer Club is a year commitment.

Academy U6-U7
Play 4v4 games verse BSA teams at BSA complex over 5 weekends, No tournaments

Play local league games usually at Moline and BSA
No tournaments

Approx. 6-8 ILLOWA league games and 1-2 tournaments


Fees help cover costs of:

  • Purchasing and replacing soccer goals for fields on Buttermilk

  • Purchasing and replacing nets for the goals

  • Purchasing field paint to line the fields

  • Purchase and maintain a field lining machine

  • Rental costs for port-a-potty's

  • Training pinnies, cones and soccer bags for all team coaches

  • Coaching shirt for coaches

  • Equipment for free indoor skill sessions

  • Pop up goals for coaches 

  • Rebounder goals 

  • Coach's pay

  • ISL league fees

  • Illowa league fees

  • Sponsor local events

*Tournament fees are not included in the costs and are collected by managers as needed. Tournament fees are approximately $55 per player per tournament. This varies as tournament costs vary by age, location, competitive level.
*League fees are included in the fees listed above

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